Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

Thanksgiving is about reflecting on the good that surrounds us. 

 Personally, I am thankful for my wonderful daughters, my family and friends, for my health, for a fulfilling work that I love and for the amazing team at United Way Halton & Hamilton. They knock it out of the park every day, advancing our mission to bring people and resources together to build strong, healthy, and safe communities for all. 

Like so many of us, living through the pandemic has crystallized my priorities and reminded me about what matters most.

We must also remember that, as we take stock of all we have to be thankful for, these past two and a half years have been devastating for many among us.   

 Those living in poverty, marginalized individuals, or those struggling with mental illness, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence or social isolation, have been hardest hit by the pandemic. Many among us have lost loved ones and livelihoods and found themselves in crisis for the first time in their lives. 

As an organization, we at United Way Halton & Hamilton are so grateful for our donors, our volunteers and the frontline agencies that deliver life-changing programs and services to those in need.  

We live in a community guided by Local Love and a spirit of unity and resilience, backed by a strong ecosystem of support services.  

United Way is proud and grateful to be the backbone of that network, mobilizing action, catalyzing capacity and making investments based on evidence of impact and results.  

This approach is critical as we confront a period of rapidly escalating cost of living that will leave more individuals and families struggling to put a roof over their heads and food on their tables.  

This crisis of inflation is driving up the cost of housing, food, fuel and interest rates on debt, adding enormous pressure and unpredictability to already tight household budgets. 

No one should face the impossible choice of whether to pay rent or buy groceries, or be forced to give up a job because they can’t afford childcare or fuel to commute.  

As you celebrate this Thanksgiving season, please consider contributing to our 2022 fundraising campaign. We need you, whatever you can donate. 

Please stand with us as we work together to ensure everyone can meet their basic needs. Your contribution will help more individuals and families and will offer hope across our community. 

From all of us at United Way Halton Hamilton, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. 

Brad Park
President and CEO
United Way Halton & Hamilton

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