Heading into a season of celebration

We are heading into a season of celebration, yet, uncertainty looms over what should be a joyous time of the year. 

Our economy is in turmoil due to rapid inflation and the threat of recession and, our health care system continues to be strained. These back-to-back crises are dealing a devastating blow to the vulnerable among us and pushing more of our family, friends, and neighbours closer to the edge. 

We have individually and collectively been tested for years and now find ourselves facing the economic downturn. Just like the pandemic itself, this affects everyone from the youngest of children to the most elderly adults and everyone in between. 

What is not in doubt – and never has been – is the character of our community. It has been demonstrated again and again that Halton and Hamilton are filled with kind, empathetic and generous people. 

Our supporters have continually shown their gratitude for their health, family and financial resources by supporting the programs that help those who struggle with poverty, unemployment, addiction, mental health, isolation and domestic violence.  

As I reflect on this year, I am inspired by the dedication and resolve of those working and volunteering in frontline agencies, those who tirelessly fundraise to support this work, and those who courageously seek out the help they need to get their lives back on track.  

 Investing in the work of United Way maximizes the benefits of your contribution because we build capacity within a local network of agencies that have the greatest impact, the broadest reach and that are answering the deepest needs. 

That is why it is a priority to protect this ecosystem of local programs, where multiple agencies provide invaluable services that so many people in our community rely on. 

Please consider joining our shared commitment and vision to ensure that no one in our community is left alone or left behind.  

We are so grateful for our volunteers and donors who have supported us this year and on a personal note, I am indebted to the incredible team at United Way who places their hearts and souls into everything they do. 

It is with gratitude towards this community that our family at United Way wishes you much love, health and happiness in 2023. 

 Brad Park,

President and CEO

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