Women and girls face systemic barriers, leading to higher poverty rates and mental health challenges. Your support can aid young girls, female-led lone-parent households, Indigenous, racialized, and newcomer women, and gender-based violence survivors in recovering. Addressing vulnerabilities, such as those at risk of falling into poverty, and empowering survivors are crucial. This enables young girls to grow with confidence, breaking the poverty cycle and realizing their potential. Together, we empower women and girls of all backgrounds, overcoming barriers for a brighter future.

One in every three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime and approximately every six days in Canada, a woman is killed by her intimate partner.


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Invested in 41 programs

Helped more than 10,560 people

This year, your gift to United Way goes further, thanks to the Local Love Community Match. For every $4 donated, $1 will be matched by generous community members. That means you’ll have an even bigger impact on our community and help more individuals and families improve their lives, locally.


Provides 10 menstruators with a box of menstrual pads.


Gives two girls access to a one-week girls empowerment program where they can improve confidence, foster strength, and build resilience.


Provides 1 victim of sex trafficking 42 hours of support by a police/court worker.


These are challenging times, but together, we are ensuring that those in need have access to the help they deserve today, while building a better tomorrow – for everyone.

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