We change lives, right here at home.

For a community to be great, it has to be great for everyone. We work with local agencies, government, stakeholders and thousands of donors like you, to change lives right here in Halton and Hamilton.

Understanding the need

United Way makes measurable improvement on priority social issues in our community. By working with our community partners to understand root causes, develop strategies to address them, bring together the right resources to get the job done and measure our results, we create lasting change in this community. 

All That Kids Can Be

Healthy People, Strong Communities

From Poverty To Possibility


See where your dollars are going in the community.

A full listing of United Way supported agencies and programs is available below

Meet the team

It takes all of us to create lasting change for people in our community. Meet just a few of the people who help make this happen. 

We support people and give them hope

Our promise is to make sure that your donation goes to where our community needs it most and where it will have the greatest impact. By leading, partnering and convening with our community to create measurable improvement on priority social issues, together we:


At United Way, we influence public attitudes, systems and policies by building and strengthening relationships and engaging and mobilizing the right people around a priority social issue.

Build Capacity

We identify key community issues and opportunities by engaging our community in conversations to strengthen service networks and overall community capacity.


We create new and strengthen existing partnerships to raise funds that help drive impact and create change for people in our community. Because to do the great work we do, we need investments from donors like you.


We work closely with community partners and donors like you to invest in programs and services that will lead to measurable outcomes and better community conditions for everyone.

Measure and Evaluate

We want to be sure that your dollars are making a difference in our community. By working with our partners to develop measurable outcomes and evaluating those outcomes, we can report back on actual impact in the lives of the people we support.

Halton Poverty Roundtable (HPRT) is a strategic initiative of the United Way Halton & Hamilton. The HPRT has deep local knowledge of our community and the impact that poverty has on our neighbours, family, friends and colleagues.

We leverage our connections with individuals living the experience of poverty in Halton and amply their voices and experiences when educating the broader community and advocating for system level changes. The HPRT is a knowledge leader on poverty in our community and publishes s a diverse range of knowledge products for the community. Learn More

United Way Halton & Hamilton’s ConnectEd program proudly provides low-cost training workshops to all non-profit organizations.

The program allows United Way Halton & Hamillton to strengthen the capacity of the community at its root by ensuring non-profit staff and volunteers have access to the latest information taught by industry experts. Learn More.

Together, we are changing lives.

Your donation is invested locally, changing the lives of people in Halton and Hamilton. Find out more about the people whose lives have improved because of your donation.

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