Natural Supports Simulation

Natural Supports are those people who can provide support through existing connection – family members, friends, colleagues, coaches, or other community connections. This interactive simulation guides people through customized scenarios where a youth is in need of support from their community, and your choices in the simulation lead to different results.  

Intended to raise awareness around mental health issues and build community capacity to be the supports that we all need and can provide, this simulation will be a learning experience that can help everyone in their day-to-day interactions in all areas of life.  

How to complete the Natural Supports Simulation

At your own pace:

Explore the Natural Supports Simulation website directly and at your own pace.

Get support from your United Way team:

To book a facilitated session for a community group with a United Way staff member, please contact Kirstin at 

Melise BreretonNatural Supports Simulation