You are here because you are a game changer. By showing your local love, you are making all the difference in someone’s life.  There are only a few weeks left to support this year’s fundraising campaign and, with your help, no one will be left behind, be placed on a waiting list, or have to choose between buying groceries or paying rent. Thank you for taking action today. Our community urgently needs your help today.

Brad Park, President and CEO


What Does Local Love Look Like?

Thinking Big

When we work together to fight unignorable issues, the results are unignorable, too. Think supports that are accessible for everyone, when they need them. Think stronger, better-connected communities. Think pathways out of poverty. What does local love look like? A transformed community—and thousands of transformed lives, including your own.

What Does Local Love Look Like?

Powering Change

How can we fight back? By unleashing our local love—one generous act at a time. Your gift is what powers United Way’s crucial work, allowing us to target funds and mobilize on-the-ground efforts to tackle persistent social issues at the root. That’s how we change lives, today and for years to come.


What Does Local Love Look Like?

Taking Action

Hunger. Homelessness. Social isolation. These are unignorable issues within our community. And they aren’t somebody else’s problem. They belong to all of us. Our only choice as a community is to stand up and confront these issues head-on.

What Does Local Love Look Like?


Connects an isolated senior with a social inclusion and fitness program


Provides 12 families opportunities in social and educational programming

$1,200 Leadership Donation

Provides food for 3,000 people experiencing food insecurity


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