The Faheys

Meet the Faheys

For Paul and Janice Fahey, their commitment to United Way goes back decades for different reasons yet, with a singular purpose – to help their local community.

For Paul, his connection started when he was four, canvassing with his mother on behalf of the Red Feather Society (now United Way) and then in his later years, managing executive campaigns, while continuing to donate on a personal level.

“All my life I’ve been helping those in need. Being able to support United Way and their mission is truly gratifying,” said Paul.

Janice’s story is also connected to the Red Feather Society, as they found her a safe home, as a child, through their adoption services network.

“United Way gave me life and I am so appreciative for that, and to give back to help those in similar situations, brings complete joy to my life,” said Janice.

The Fahey’s are both inspiring and dedicated. And to this day, they continue to demonstrate their local love through giving to United Way.

“We enjoy giving back to our community, it’s in our hearts; we wouldn’t have it any other way. United Way helps so many individuals and families and we see the direct impacts, and that’s why we’ll continue to donate.”

Help change lives today.

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