The Breakfast Club

200,000 people in Halton & Hamilton urgently need your help

The Breakfast Club

It’s a typical Monday morning. It’s time for school, but for many children, they are heading to a place of earning with empty tummies because there are no groceries in the refrigerator or simply no time to

“I love being part of the breakfast program because I don’t have to be hungry during class. When I’m
hungry during class it’s hard to focus.”

Although this story is told far too often, the narrative still exists as 66,000 Halton and Hamilton residents live with food insecurity. Its negative impacts are far reaching. Studies have indicated that children who do not have a healthy breakfast are at a disadvantage from their peers.

School breakfast programs are made possible because of your support.

You are helping children attend school with a full belly – bridging the learning gap between them and their fellow classmates.

Help change lives today.

Scott GallagherThe Breakfast Club

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