Rehana’s Story

Rehana’s Story

The Adventure of Parenting

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming journey, filled with both rewarding and challenging experiences. For some people, adjustment to parenthood can be a tough transition. Having adequate access to supports and programs is vital for both the parents and babies to live happy, healthy lives.

For Rehana, a mother of two, attending a “Mommy and Baby” program helped her to develop coping strategies while building supportive relationships. When her daughter was born eight years ago, Rehana started attending these programs made possible by United Way. Centered around pos-partum depression, parenting skills, and recreational and educational programs for the kids, these wide range of programs help families like Rehana’s stay connected and healthy.

United Way works diligently to help families make a smooth and enjoyable transition into the adventure of parenthood. “For me, it was a godsend” said Rehana. “Without United Way, my family would be struggling in a void of unanswered questions, frustration, anxiety and isolation.  I am the parent I am today because of these programs and the support United Way provides to Oakville families.”

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Scott GallagherRehana’s Story

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