Philippe Dauphin

Director General, CanmetMATERIALS at Natural Resources Canada

Philippe Dauphin is Director General of CanmetMATERIALS (CMAT) in Hamilton since 2013. He has overseen the final steps of building commissioning, growing revenue to a higher level than prior to relocation from Ottawa. In the past year, Philippe has been involved in an initiative to transform the way new materials are developed: based on a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence, Materials Acceleration Platforms (MAP) will accelerate new materials discovery by a factor of 10. CMAT will launch a MAP in its facility in the coming year.

Philippe joined NRCan in 1992 at the CanmetMINING (CMIN) laboratory.  Over the next 26 years, he has played diverse roles in research management, technology transfer, business development and policy, before joining the Energy Sector.  Most recently, Philippe was acting Director General of the CanmetENERGY where he managed a large clean energy research laboratory.

Philippe graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering from Laval University and has experience in policy, management and marketing of R&D and research.

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