Mariano’s Family Story

A New Life

Two years ago, Mariano and Patricia, and their son, left Mexico and arrived in Milton for a fresh start.

The couple explains they wanted a better life and a better future for their son, Santiago, but when they arrived, they struggled with the change.

Mariano reflects on the country they came from, and the cost of education for Santiago was one of the largest expenses they had.

The couple explains it wasn’t a safe environment to let Santiago outside on his own, and keeping a close eye on him at all times was stressful.

At first, Patricia says living in Canada was difficult, but has become a refreshing new way of life.

Through United Way supported programs, Santiago was able to learn English, and is now fluent in two languages.

“The volunteers and the teachers they have here in the community, they are amazing,” Patricia says.

Mariano says the programs were also a way for the couple to feel more connected to others living in their community, and has been beneficial for their family.

“The transition from our country to Canada without these programs, would have been a lot harder,” Mariano explains. “Here, they teach you, they help you understand how things work here in Canada. They help you to understand how your child is going to develop. They help introduce him to a different culture and a different way of thinking that we don’t have in our old country.”

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Scott GallagherMariano’s Family Story