Lisa Kearns

Councillor for Ward 2, City of Burlington & Halton Region

Lisa is an elected official as Councillor for Ward 2 City of Burlington and Region of Halton. Lisa is a giver and a builder, her very essence is focused on improving the lives of others and in strengthening the bonds of community. She holds an Honours BA from Western University and has studied effective communication and negotiation at the University of Toronto. She currently resides and works in Burlington with her two children and husband. She has held important roles at Life Labs, the fourth largest community diagnostic lab in the world, Titan Outdoor, and Health Pro, Canada‘s healthcare procurement services organization.


More recently, Lisa has been accumulating Board experiences. For example, she is a member of the Joseph Brant Hospital and Foundation Board. She is a member of the Board of the Centre for Skills Development, an independent charity focused on helping people get on a path to career success. She is a Board member of the Burlington Downtown Business Association, which is all about ensuring a healthy economic environment for Burlington. Moreover, Lisa is a member of the Campaign Cabinet for the United Way of Halton and Hamilton, an organization that strives to make a lasting positive impact on more than 200,000 of the most vulnerable people in Burlington as well as surrounding communities and also sits on the Board of the Burlington Food Bank.

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