Lindsay Reynolds

President & Principal Project Manager, Hancock & MacArthur

Lindsay Reynolds is an accomplished Gold Seal Certified Project Manager (CCA) and Certified Construction Adjudicator (ODACC) based in Burlington, Ontario. Her 15 years of industry experience and impressive knowledge of construction projects is the foundation on which she built Hancock & MacArthur Inc., an Owner’s Representation and Construction Project Management Firm, in 2019.

Lindsay was introduced to the construction industry while studying Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where she landed a co-op assignment with a local soil testing company. When she first stepped on to a construction site, she instantly felt at home. Upon earning her degree, Lindsay quickly established a career in Construction Management at PCL Construction, where she developed a reputation for excellence and leadership in various roles, including Estimating, Pre-Construction Services and Project Management. Lindsay continued to develop her expertise as Project Manager and Director of Operations at Reid’s Heritage Construction and Senior Project Manager for Starlight Investments.

As a prominent leader in the construction industry, Lindsay recognizes the value of sharing her experience and knowledge with the next generation of professionals. In addition to her professional goals, she has a keen interest and passion for mentoring. Lindsay is an authentic example of a successful female leader in a traditionally male-dominated field and challenges the status quo of leadership style in construction. Lindsay aims to contribute to the community, culture, and inclusivity of construction through leadership and mentorship.

Whether she is on site, coordinating suppliers, negotiating contracts, leading progress meetings, or developing schedules, Lindsay’s love for the exciting and dynamic industry of construction only continues to grow.

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