Heather’s Story

200,000 people in Halton & Hamilton urgently need your help

“United Way helped me rebuild my life. I was at rock bottom and now I’m on top of the world.”

There was a time Heather didn’t have a bed to sleep in, or a roof over her head. Feelings of helplessness and depression constantly ran through her mind.

United Way brought hope back into Heather’s life. Homelessness is a real localized issue. In our neighbourhoods, it’s estimated that 1,000 youth are living on the streets. No shelter during our frigid winters. No sense of security under a roof of their own.

Together, we provided solutions by helping to shape the first-ever National Poverty Reduction Strategy and National Affordable Housing Strategy. Through locally-based programs, your generous investment has helped youth like Heather, sleep in a warm bed at night.

“The support has been great. It makes me feel comfortable knowing I have my own place and I’m
not out on the streets.”

Help change lives today.

Scott GallagherHeather’s Story