Eileen’s Story

200,000 people in Halton & Hamilton urgently need your help

Thousands of seniors live in isolation across our region. Your neighbour, your friend and possibly even a family member may have nowhere to go and, once their front door is closed, they are alone.

Eileen was one of those seniors isolated from life outside her home until she accessed support from United Way. Your support and local love helped to make sure individuals feel included in their community.

Together, we opened the once closed doors of seniors like Eileen, to a vibrant life outside their homes that are now filled with enjoyment, friendships and purpose.

“The United Way supports me, helps me get out of my home so I’m not sitting there by myself crying, as I did when my husband passed away. I’ve realized I’m not alone anymore.”

Because of your support, seniors like Eileen feel rejuvenated and their smiles have once again returned.

Help change lives today.

Scott GallagherEileen’s Story

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