A winner at the game of life

Cindy sees obstacles as new opportunities for a win

“As a person with an intellectual disability, it’s not always so easy for me to reach out to others. Yet, I know I have much to offer because I am sociable, friendly, and cheerful. It’s important for me to have friendships.  I have to overcome other obstacles because of my diminished vision and partial paralysis, , but I find ways to look after my personal needs.

That is why I rely on the services of the agency affiliated with United Way . They help me with social interaction, learning and, of course, recreation! My favourite activities are bingo, karaoke, and outings, such as restaurants and bowling. When I play, I like to win.

But I can be a winner in other ways too. Through the activities, I am recognized for my initiative and engagement and for taking on personal challenges. I can go beyond expectations. It shows that I have stick-to-it-iveness.

Since joining the program, I have gained more confidence. Before, I was too shy to ask for help. Today, I am learning to communicate with others, to say things in the right way and to apply my filters. With the organization, I feel safe. 

It was tough during the pandemic when I couldn’t go outside. I felt isolated even though I could talk to my friends on the phone. I want to urge donors to continue to give so that the agency can keep offering help. United Way supports the agency’s services, and I can go there to have more control over my life. Thank you for helping and giving me the chance to tell my story.”

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Sarah HodgsonCindy’s Story