Bruce Whitehouse

Owner and President, INNOMOTIVE Solutions Group

Bruce lives in Milton with his wife, Ellen, and their two teenagers. He is owner and president of INNOMOTIVE Solutions Group in Burlington (ISG for short).

After obtaining his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and working at Dofasco for 3 years, Bruce joined ISG in 1988 with the intent of providing the husband and wife owners with an exit strategy. Eight years later they decided he had made enough mistakes that it was safe for them to sell the business to him and retire. It should be noted, that they weren’t totally convinced as the husband continued to come to work almost every day for the next 19 years.

ISG designs and manufactures safer vehicle access solutions for first responders and cargo delivery personnel. That’s a mouthful to describe the doors, lights and specialized lifting systems produced for vehicular applications. Under the WHITING name, they supply roll-up doors for over the road cargo delivery vehicles (trucks and trailers). Under the AMDOR name, they design and manufacture shutter style doors most commonly used on emergency response vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances and heavy tow trucks).

Over the years, the company has grown from a team of 17 people in 14,500 sq ft. to over 100 people operating out of a 55,000 sq ft. headquarters in Burlington and a 31,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in Lancaster, NY. During that time revenues have grown by over 500% and the geographic markets served have spread from the original Canadian base to include US, Australia, Europe and, most recently, China. ISG is currently engaged in a growth plan to increase top line revenue by an additional 50%.

Bruce has had the pleasure of serving on several industry boards including Innovators Alliance in Ontario and has the distinction of being the first Canadian president of FAMA (Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association) in the US. In addition, he has served on the board of Halton Down Syndrome Association, including 4 years as President, and on school councils for almost 15 years.

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