Bonnie & Jackie’s Story

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Bonnie and Jackie have found a home and family, at an agency that provides comprehensive support to seniors who are experiencing food insecurity, loneliness, and social isolation.

The two women bonded over the shared tragedy of losing multiple children, and have become best friends.

Each has struggled with poverty, isolation, and depression. Bonnie and Jackie are grateful for delicious meals, and educational and social activities that the agency provides, as these are things that are not easily accessible when living in poverty.

“I love coming here because I can be me and I’m not judged for anything,” said Jackie, who lives with a brain injury suffered at the hands of an abusive ex-partner.

With United Way funding, Bonnie and Jackie are able to acquire what they need – like blankets and other household items – as well as experience things that they would not typically be able to do on their own – luxuries like lunch outings.

“I am so grateful for the United Way funding. Sometimes when I go home, I cry because I think of all the things that we are able to do because of funding.”

Bonnie says United Way has helped her since she lost her parents many years ago. “I would be lonely if it wasn’t for United Way.”

By accessing these types of programs and supports, financial pressures on individuals and families are lessened and reliance on the food bank decreases.

Help change lives today.

Sarah HodgsonBonnie & Jackie’s Story