Athena’s Story

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Athena worried her two children with special needs wouldn’t be ready to start school. As a single mother working two jobs, she couldn’t afford preschool fees.

Athena, who emigrated from Taiwan, turned to a local 30-week preschool program that helps prepare youngsters for kindergarten and beyond.

Trained volunteer home visitors and parents role play the week’s curriculum together in reading, writing and math, and the parent teaches the activities for that week.

The program also offers speakers on parenting topics, while children enjoy a preschool social experience.

Athena is grateful to United Way for strengthening her bond with her children, and for giving her a peer group of mothers.

She says her kids ask to do the program reading and it has become a part of her family’s routine.

“I am finding out how I can build on my kids’ vocabulary.”

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Sarah HodgsonAthena’s Story

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