Amliya’s Story

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Our future leaders continue to deal with daily problems that impact their self-worth. Society is vastly different from 20 years ago, resulting from pressures related to technology, lack of time, social pressures, among others. However, some challenges our youth encounter have not changed.

“Growing up, I had it really rough with bullying and not having self-confidence.”

Imagine, during the prime of your life, having no confidence and being petrified to attend school because of bullying – it would feel like the walls were collapsing in on you – that’s how Amliya felt.

“I felt like I was always in a box and it was getting smaller and smaller.”

Because of your local investments in summer youth programs, United Way provided Amliya with the courage to break out of that box and start living life.

“I thank you because I met amazing girls my age who taught me confidence and that my point is always valid. I started looking at things in a whole different manner after that summer program.”

Help change lives today.

Scott GallagherAmliya’s Story