Scott Gallagher

Manager, Digital & Online Strategy

A photo of Scott Gallagher

Scott is our “go-to” for all things technical. He is responsible for keeping you up-to-date on United Way from creating web content to keeping your social media bursting with impactful, important content about United Way and what’s happening in our communities. Scott received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Windsor and has a Post Graduate degree in Corporate Communications from Sheridan College. Scott was recruited to United Way Oakville as part of the Sponsored Employee Program. Witnessing the impact in the community firsthand is what influenced his decision to join the team at United Way. Scott also has a personal connection to United Way as his family has been directly impacted by agencies that rely on United Way supports. Although he may resist at first, Scott likes to be pushed to try new things and step out of his comfort area.


Scott GallagherScott Gallagher