Marg Greaves

Donor Engagement Coordinator

A photo of Marg Greaves

Marg is our incredible designated hitter, always willing to jump in and lend a hand when needed.  Prior to joining the United Way, Marg had a 25-year-career in the Telecommunications industry as the manager of a centralized dispatch center.  Marg joined United Way initially as a volunteer after her experiences co-chairing a workplace campaign committee at a large organization in Burlington. Marg believes strongly in giving back to her community. As a donor and now as an employee, she recognizes that we are making a difference. Marg says, “Giving begins at home and home for me is Hamilton – Dundas specifically”. Marg has a very active social media presence: if you are looking for a great new food truck to check out or are interested in finding out what’s going on in our communities, she is the person to call! For Marg, spare time is all about family. You’ll hear he say, “My kids are my hobby, supporting them in all that they do.” and “I am a hockey/dance mom and proud of it!”

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