Krista Warnke

Manager, Resource Development – Leadership & Workplace Giving

A photo of Krista Warnke

Krista is a community building professional. She is passionate about social justice issues and has extensive experience as an educator with an emphasis on examining our society through an anti-racist/anti-oppression lens. She is especially interested in advocating for the equal rights of women and the disabled, issues that have lent themselves to work she has done for several years both personally and professionally in the non-profit sector, where she has spent the bulk of her career.  What keeps Krista connected to United Way? She recalls her time as a volunteer at The Rape Crisis Centre (now the Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton & Area) back in the 1970’s, when society denied that sexual violence against women was a problem. With little support then available to women, United Way listened to the advocates, recognized the need, and became one of the first partners to fund that small, grassroots organization. That is why she believes in United Way –  they know their community and they have the courage to tackle some of our community’s most difficult issues. Outside of the office she likes hosting dinner parties with family and friends. If the warm weather is out, you can find Krista enjoying time at her trailer in Orillia. She is fond of knitting, but she thoroughly dislikes having to unravel yarn that her foster kitties have wound throughout the house.   


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