Kayla Willet

Manager, Creative Media & Impact Storytelling

A photo of Kayla Willet

Kayla works to share our impact and stories with those in our community. She received her Hons. B.A in Sociology, at Brock University which led to her career in social services. Coming from the front line, United Way has always been in her circle of influence.  What made her chose to join the United Way family? “I was fortunate to see first-hand the lives that were impacted by United Way funds, and I understood the importance of this pretty early in my career. Naturally, I wanted to be a part of that! I enjoy being part of the solution. I enjoy that we all work tireless to make the community great for everyone, not just one demographic of people. This is extremely motivating”.  Aside from currently being on the prowl for a new cat to welcome home, outside of the office Kayla enjoys adding new products to her makeup collection, singing karaoke (regardless of her environment) and  getting out to enjoy city living as she loves being in the heart of all the action!


Kayla WilletKayla Willet