Jim Turriff

Manager, Community Engagement

Jim joined the United Way team because he is inspired by what the job description described as “Community Impact and Community Engagement.” He knew it was something that he had to be a part of. He says, that although “it has been an intriguing and eye-opening 6-year experience, I can honestly say, I have the best job at United Way.”  Graduating from McMaster with a degree in social work, Jim began his career focusing on mental health services and corrections roles. From there he progressed to more preventative occupations, like Big Brothers Big Sisters national and local offices respectively. From there he was recruited to join United Way – and we are happy he did! Jim keeps the team laughing but also brings genuine passion and empathy for those we support in our community. Outside of the office he enjoys family life as he describes it: music, sports, and playing with his best friend, Milo, his 13-year-old lab.


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