Angela Dawe

Director, Organizational Performance

A photo of Angela Dawe

Angela is a versatile and energetic leader with over 30 years of business experience.  She is excited for her new position as Director, Organizational Performance, which will allow her to leverage her vast experience as an organizational planner with a proven track record of delivering on strategic goals. Angela’s passion for community mobilization is infectious. Her roles have evolved from her start as a loaned Campaign Associate to her most recent station as Director of Community Investment. She embodies the spirit of the United Way in both her work and personal life. Angela believes it’s her duty to help others experience the possibilities that life has to offer and makes coming to work every day enjoyable. From sharing her fun, quirky poetry, to perfectly paired ensembles, there’s never a dull moment with Angela. When she is not empowering her teammates, she enjoys spending time out East, cottaging with friends or listening to a variety of eclectic music.


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