Alecia Korkowski

Manager, Community Investment

A photo of Alecia Korkowski

Alecia is our knowledge and adventure seeker. Many of her experiences are with the arts and social service areas, two realms which she believes are naturally interconnected and that she is very passionate about. She’s been involved in Hamilton’s famous art crawls, performed in a production of HAIR! at Hamilton Theatre Inc., and worked collaboratively on several other artistic projects in the city. She is also a steadfast volunteer, lending her time to many social service programs. Alecia believes the key to a thriving city is valuing what each person has to offer and helping them achieve what their heart is calling them to do. Working with United Way, she knows she has a part in making that a reality through United Way’s role as partner, supporter, and leader. Outside of the office she enjoys art in all forms: dance, music, fashion, photography, painting, slam poetry, pottery, multi-media, mixed media…to name a few.


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