The ongoing mental health crisis has various aspects, and one aspect that is often overlooked is how mental health issues can act as a barrier to finding employment. Research shows that many individuals with serious mental illnesses desire to work, but they face challenges in finding suitable employment due to stigma and discrimination. Even when they do find work, it may not align with their goals or abilities. The lack of meaningful employment often worsens mental health conditions and has significant economic consequences for individuals, families, and the community. By coming together, we can support those facing mental health challenges and help them reach their full potential.

Unemployment rates among people living with mental health problems are incredibly high (70 to 90%), even among people who want to work.


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Provides two counselling sessions for a person experiencing mental health distress, such as anxiety, grief, marital problems, or trauma.


Provides a full course of financial wellness and mental health counselling for an individual facing high financial stress.


Allows for the timely screening and assessment of eight children and youth to access counselling and treatment related to substance use and mental health.


These are challenging times, but together, we are ensuring that those in need have access to the help they deserve today, while building a better tomorrow – for everyone.

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