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Your Leadership changes lives.

Leadership donors have the power to be instruments of change. They inspire others and create hope for tomorrow.

With a donation of $1,200 or more, our Leadership level donors are ready to drive change, willing to set a powerful example and become part of the solution to our community’s complex social issues. Our Leaders are passionate about leaving their mark on Halton and Hamilton by creating lasting change.

At United Way Halton & Hamilton, we pride ourselves in our continued success in adapting and responding to the changing landscape of the communities we serve. Each year, we recognize those who go above and beyond, who lead the way and allow us to continue supporting the people in our communities who rely on us. These generous community leaders are listed proudly in our IMPACT REPORT.

You Are Making a MAJOR Impact in Halton & Hamilton 

Philanthropic leaders play a key role in creating innovative solutions to long-standing social problems, and improve countless local lives every day. By investing $10,000 or more annually in United Way, you can demonstrate your commitment to transforming individuals lives! 

LOCAL LOVE looks like You

Your Leadership gift changes lives.
You have the power to be an instrument of change.
Your gift of $1,200, or more, drives social change & sets a powerful example in your community. Community Leadership List 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a gifting option, please contact Jamie Paul-Galipeau  at

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