Labour Day: Gratitude & Celebration

Labour Day is so important to all of us at United Way Halton & Hamilton. We share aligned missions with our labour partners to advance social justice, to fight inequality in all its forms and to leverage united and collective action for the greatest community impact.

Both the labour movement and United Way understand that supporting our community is what matters most and nothing is more impactful than standing together, in solidarity, to build strong, healthy, inclusive and safe communities for all.

Our labour partners have long understood that they play a role that goes well beyond the workplace. Together with United Way, labour focuses on addressing social issues.

Labour organizations such as the Hamilton and District Labour Council and the Oakville and District Labour Council, have been critical to the work of the United Way since the roots of our work began in 1917. We simply could not empower those in need in our community without the constant support of local labour organizations.

We thank labour for organizing and mobilizing forces, for their commitment to social justice and embedding equity into everything that they do.

Each one of us – unionized or not – owes a debt of gratitude to those who led the charge to win legislation rights for workers like the 40-hour work week, parental leave, fair wages, paid sick days, safe working conditions, protection from discrimination and harassment and so much more.

Labour groups continue to fight to protect those rights and to gain new ground for all workers by fighting for improvements to our social safety network. Labour advocates for public pensions, health care, childcare and other social programs.

They are there with United Way, leading the charge to promote social justice for all and tackling systemic inequalities that unfairly hold people back. Our labour partners share our commitment to ensuring that no one in our community is left behind and that everyone is given an opportunity to thrive. Nothing matters more.

Labour Day shines a light of celebration and gratitude on those who fight for the rights of others every day of the year.

We are all better for it.

Happy Labour Day.

Brad Park
President & CEO

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