Labour Day: Celebrating a history of progress

Labour Day: Celebrating a history of progress

Among the important things the challenges of 2020 have taught us is the vital, irreplaceable role that workers play across a realm of jobs and sectors in keeping our economy and way of life functioning.

Truck drivers, grocery store clerks, and office cleaners joined doctors, nurses, respiratory technicians, and infectious diseases researchers, as the heroes in managing the pandemic.

Many others, including social service workers, educators, factory workers, and artists helping us all cope with these times, have joined that list.

The first Monday of September has been an official holiday in Canada since 1894, marked with picnics, parades, concerts, and marches meant to commemorate the fight for fairness, and to remind ourselves that those victories came through struggle and sacrifice.

Although we cannot gather in the traditional way, that shouldn’t dim the celebration of all that Organized Labour has done for our community and society.

United Way’s partnership with labour is positive and long-standing. And this Labour Day, we celebrate labour for their commitment to supporting those in need.

Brad Park,

President and CEO

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