Holiday wishes from United Way Halton & Hamilton

Holiday wishes from United Way Halton & Hamilton –
Building Hope and Celebrating Diversity

It’s often during special holidays when the sentimental and loving side of humanity shines through. Whether it’s honouring ancestors with special offerings, or re-enacting sacred moments from the past, or simply enjoying cultural activities, we all treasure these times of remembrance and togetherness. Canada is rich with diversity and exposed to many beautiful traditions in our community.

As this wonderful part of the year comes along, I find myself thinking about people from all backgrounds and walks of life who are struggling to get by, and for whom the holiday season will bring special challenges. Our society’s focus on consumerism and having the ‘perfect’ family situation makes it particularly tough for them, and it’s no wonder that so many feel the ‘Holiday Blues’.

As an organization that is driving change on key social issues, United Way Halton & Hamilton is acutely aware of the importance of being sensitive and responsive. We know that expectations can be high and needs are wide-ranging.

So when it comes to making a positive, measurable impact, we invest donor dollars in resources that reflect and respect the diversity of our community. Those investments are clustered under three themes: helping kids be all that they can be; lifting individuals and families from poverty to possibility; and building strong communities with healthy people.

It’s that first theme – helping kids be all they can be – that resonates most during the holiday season. We would all like the dreams of children to come true. In my work at United Way, I have had the privilege of meeting heroic parents and caregivers who are doing their very best to build happy memories for their little ones. Through the generosity of our donors and community partners, those parents are receiving help and the futures of many families are becoming brighter.

At United Way however, the spirit of giving isn’t limited to kids and young families. Our hearts, and services, also go out to individuals who may feel lonely or lost, especially at this time of the year. Our wide range of social service programs assist these vulnerable people by connecting them to services that demonstrate, as a community, we care deeply about each and every one of them.

After all, that’s what Local Love is all about – lending a hand, year round, to help all our neighbours, no matter where they come from, improve their lives.

From our United Way family to you and yours,
We wish you a happy holiday season and a bright, hopeful 2020.

Brad Park
President and CEO

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