Not having enough money to afford food goes beyond simply feeling hungry. When individuals and families struggle to find safe and healthy housing and enough food, it hinders their ability to pursue education and training that could lead to stable and independent livelihoods. The current economic crisis, with increasing rent prices and soaring inflation and food costs, is affecting more and more households. Many people are finding themselves relying on food banks for the first time. Together, we can work to alleviate food insecurity
for everyone in our community.

About 60% of people experiencing food insecurity have jobs. Two-thirds of respondents to a Feed Ontario survey indicated they have less than $100 per month ($3.33 per day) after paying for housing and utilities.


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Helped more than 58,513 people

This year, your gift to United Way goes further, thanks to the Local Love Community Match. For every $4 donated, $1 will be matched by generous community members. That means you’ll have an even bigger impact on our community and help more individuals and families improve their lives, locally.


Brings $625 worth of groceries to households across Halton and Hamilton.


Allows 45 households for one week to access to healthy fresh food.


Supports food delivery for four months for 500 seniors per month.


These are challenging times, but together, we are ensuring that those in need have access to the help they deserve today, while building a better tomorrow – for everyone.

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