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2018-2019 Impact Report

Driving Change: A Message from Brad Park

This Impact Report highlights the many ways that your investment is connecting our neighbours to the social supports they need to live and prosper. As we continue on our course, we thank you for spreading local love that inspires and builds stronger communities by changing the odds.

What Does Local Love Look Like?

Agencies Supported




Programs Supported


Volunteer Hours


People Helped


Dollar Value of Volunteering ($)


Financial Empowerment Problem Solving – Previously unclaimed dollars back into community via tax clinics ($)


Calls to 211, a free hotline for connection to local social services


All That Kids Can Be

United Way invests in programs that lay the foundation for lifelong success. These initiatives, which address goals from early literacy to leadership development, give our youngest citizens the experiences, skills and inspiration they need to become engaged and productive adults.


Children and youth were helped to reach their full potential

The Breakfast Club

“I love being part of the breakfast program because I don’t have to be hungry during class. When I’m hungry during class it’s hard to focus.”

The Issue

1 in 4 Ontario students experience bullying and/or cyber bulling

The Outcome

Children and youth improved their emotional and physical well-being

Children and Youth Helped

Poverty to Possibility

United Way invests in programs that lay the foundation for lifelong success. These initiatives, which address goals from early literacy to leadership development, give our youngest citizens the experiences, skills and inspiration they need to become engaged and productive adults.


People Helped

Heather’s Story

“United Way helped me rebuild my life. I was at rock bottom and now I’m on top of the world.”

The Issue

In Ontario, 12% of households do not know when they will eat their next meal

The Outcome

People have increased access to healthy food

People Helped

Healthy People, Strong Communities

We fund programs that provide everything from recreation to parenting supports, with the goal of helping people build skills for independent living, manage mental health and medical issues, and provide opportunities to be part of a connected and caring community.


People Helped

Gary’s Story

“Your donations have helped me thrive.”

The Issue

1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness and of those, only 1 in 3 seek help

The Outcome

People have improved mental health and are better able to handle life’s challenges

People Helped

Community Partnerships

United Way holds a unique position and rich history of community collaboration. Through an unparalleled and distinct ability to convene, the entire community benefits from driving dialogue together with labour, government, private sector, non-profit and volunteers, to mobilize change on our toughest issues.

Skilled facilitators use data-driven analytics to help the community define and understand the scope and scale of issues, reach into the community to understand local lived experience and points of view. We  research evidence based best practices, identify common ground, articulate collaborative action, and hold stakeholders accountable to achieve desired change.

United Way has a longstanding and proud history spanning almost 100 years with labour partners. Together, building strong and resilient communities through support and workplace initiatives that have provided millions of dollars; transforming lives for thousands of residents.

Together, we advocate for those in need by identifying and addressing the root cause of social problems, and strengthening our collective role in developing public policy.

Research and Initiatives

Armed with knowledge, we identify gaps, convene the right stakeholders and collaborate on results that address both short-term needs and long-term aspirations. By working from the ground up and from the top down, United Way plays a crucial role in identifying the biggest levers, that can provide the largest impact for every dollar raised.

Our evidenced-based research is founded in collaboration with Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton, Community Development Halton and other research bodies.

Together with community, we are improving lives locally from all fronts: supporting children and youth, building healthy and strong communities and moving people from poverty to possibility.

United Way will continue to develop and invest in new, measurable programs that move the needle forward.

Can You See Me?

One in five Canadians will battle mental illness at some point in their life. A critical step to battling mental illness is to invest in vital support programs, tools and resources while eliminating stigma.

Can You See Me? is a free, four-week mental health awareness program, specifically designed for workplaces and community groups. This initiative provides attendees with confidential and compassionate help, so  individuals and their loved ones receive the support they need.


United Way is a leader in pooling experts and sharing pertinent information while helping local charities navigate challenges.

ConnectEd is a series of educational sessions delivered by industry professionals to community agencies linking them to untapped external potential, improving both internal operations and delivery of programs.

Poverty Reduction Strategy

United Way has been part of wider discussions around poverty, contributing to Canada’s first ever Poverty Reduction Strategy. United Way believes that in order for our communities to be great they must be great for everyone. That is why, through a consultative process, it submitted six recommendations to build the national poverty policy. This included a call to create an independent national body with diverse leadership to champion poverty reduction and report on progress.

Poverty reduction is central to United Way’s investments to reduce homelessness, improve child and youth outcomes and build strong communities.

Research and Initiatives

Seniors in our communities are feeling more and more isolated. Fifty percent over the age of 80 report feeling lonely, with one in three living below the poverty line. This leads to depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, diminishing quality of life and overall well-being.

United Way supported 15,000 seniors through the New Horizons Senior Program and other outreach initiatives, that removed barriers of isolation and loneliness, while offering fulfilment and purpose through various inclusive programs.

Meet The Faheys

For Paul and Janice Fahey, their commitment to United Way goes back decades for different reasons yet, with a singular purpose – to help their local community.

For Paul, his connection started when he was four, canvassing with his mother on behalf of the Red Feather Society (now United Way) and then in his later years, managing executive campaigns, while continuing to donate on a personal level.

“All my life I’ve been helping those in need. Being able to support United Way and their mission is truly gratifying,” said Paul.

Janice’s story is also connected to the Red Feather Society, as they found her a safe home, as a child, through their adoption services network.

“United Way gave me life and I am so  appreciative for that, and to give back to  help those in similar situations, brings  complete joy to my life,” said Janice.

The Fahey’s are both inspiring and  dedicated. And to this day, they  continue to demonstrate their local love through giving to United Way.

“We enjoy giving back to our  community, it’s in our hearts; we wouldn’t have it any other  way. United Way helps so many  individuals and families and we see
the direct impacts, and that’s why we’ll continue to donate.”

Senior Isolation

“Thank you, I now feel I have a reason to live.”

Sparking change comes in many forms. One channel of impact is through a united group of leaders, who are willing to take risks to change the odds.

Women United ™ is a consortium of women leaders, who support their community through action, partnerships, mentorship and volunteerism.

United Way Halton & Hamilton Women United continues to provide a forum to empower women to build strong, independent lives and to be a powerful force for social change. It’s a network where women are leaders of philanthropy in  local communities, across the country and around the globe through both giving and volunteering.

Being part of Women United provides opportunities to network with thought leaders, making a local impact while gaining access to exclusive opportunities to connect and engage.

Board of Directors

The people who give their time to make change happen

The volunteers who make up United Way Halton & Hamilton’s Board of Directors come from business, government, health and social service sectors, labour and the community at large. They are a true representation of what our community has to offer.

Youth Empowerment

“When you donate, you are investing in young women.”

Agencies & Programs List

See where your dollars are going in the community.

A full listing of United Way supported agencies and programs is available below via PDF

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Scott GallagherFocused on Impact 2018 – 2019 Impact Report

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