My Experience as a Sponsored Employee

Ways the United Way Supports our Communities

The sponsored employee program was an honour to have been a part of and a great experience that has truly impacted me both professionally and personally. I see my community with a different set of eyes, and I can see the wonderful things that United Way does for my local community. The sponsored employee program through UPS and United Way’s partnership, opened up my eyes and my heart.

During this experience, I met youth that turned to the streets because  they believed it was a safer option than staying in an abusive home. I met elderly folks whose only social interaction was with the Meals on Wheels delivery person that would take 5 extra minutes to just chat and share tea with them because they were lonely. I saw adults who had lost their job and then gain the necessary job skills to pick themselves back up again and start over. I spoke with mothers and fathers that are supplementing their food through the food bank so that their children can have enough healthy food to grow and develop.

United Way keeps a pulse on MY community, partnering with several organizations that many people do not know exist unless they need to utilize them. Through their various volunteer boards and program assessments, I have complete confidence that United Way is using my donations to impact the community in the most efficient way possible.

I support United Way and they can count on me to be an active donor for the rest of my life. Why? Because one day you may need a helping hand, and I want to make sure that it is ready and accessible for you to use. Everyone needs help sometimes, let’s help now and change a person’s life, today!

– Jannah Gibbs, Supervisor B4 UPS Canada.

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