Changed Lives

Don & Barbara’s Story

Thanks to United Way and donors like you, Don and Barbara can stay where they belong, together.

Luan’s Story

During a recent bypass operation, Luan’s heart stopped due to complications and she died on the operating table. At 83, this was just one of many surgeries and many close calls Luan has had over the years.

Fred’s Story

The worst period of Fred’s life ended “like a 100-mile-an-hour hit into the wall.”

Molly & Tony’s Story

“This is an amazing program,” Tony says. “These people love Molly and she loves them. When I drop her off at the door in the morning, she runs in.”

Rehana’s Story

For some people, adjustment to parenthood can be a tough transition. Having adequate access to supports and programs is vital for both the parents and babies to live happy, healthy lives.

Stewart’s Story

He was in crisis. “I had to make the choice,” he recalls. “Should I follow the urge to just walk away from everyone and everything?”

Dean, Tony & Mimmo’s Story

Mimmo says, “We’re always busy.  I like keeping busy.”  His colleague Dean reports, “My family is very proud that I work here.”  Tony, yet another member of the Community Living Hamilton team, reports, “I love working here.  There’s people to talk to.”

Rama’s Story

Rama and her husband, Fares, didn’t just receive language training and newcomer supports—they also gained a community.

Maria’s Story

When the attempt on her life failed and she awoke the next morning, no one had noticed. With the insight of a person twice her age, Maria knew she needed help.

Angie’s Story

Angie’s got her spark back, thanks to the Seniors’ Party Bus, a United Way–supported program that offers free excursions.

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