Changed Lives

Don & Barbara’s Story

Thanks to United Way and donors like you, Don and Barbara can stay where they belong, together.

Luan’s Story

During a recent bypass operation, Luan’s heart stopped due to complications and she died on the operating table. At 83, this was just one of many surgeries and many close calls Luan has had over the years.

Maria’s Story

When the attempt on her life failed and she awoke the next morning, no one had noticed. With the insight of a person twice her age, Maria knew she needed help.

Fred’s Story

The worst period of Fred’s life ended “like a 100-mile-an-hour hit into the wall.”

Marshall’s Story

At just 20 years of age Marshall is an old soul. Unlike many of his friends, he never really got the chance to be a kid...

Genia’s Story

“I’m so grateful to have help. I really need it,” said Genia earnestly, “it breaks up the loneliness.”

Tony and Sandy’s Story

“You feel your world shrinking,” she reflects,” and when you don’t get to talk to your best friend anymore, it gets incredibly lonely.”

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was “sick of feeling like just another patient. I needed someone who understood me”

Lee’s Story

Known as “the famous one” in her community, Lee’s smile and energy are contagious. Always looking for a hug, she loves being connected to others.

Cam’s Story

Cam came to Canada as a refugee when he was seven years old. He and his family faced the same challenges as many new Canadians. “You start at the bottom,” he says. “You have nothing, but you slowly start to build your way up.”

Cheryl & Drew’s Story

When children and adults with intellectual disabilities have an opportunity to participate in programs, “its almost like there’s a seed that’s planted, and it gets nourished by the interactions with their peers, program facilitators, and community as a whole”.

Gord’s Story

“It’s very important,” stresses Gord. “If you don’t file, you can’t access the credits. So go out and do it!”

Katona’s Story

Katona’s family moved a lot when she was a kid, which meant making friends was hard. After four or five times moving to a new place, getting close to people became a scary thing.

Misty’s Story

“In reality, I just needed someone to direct me,” Misty-Lee says. “I needed a mentor.”

Molly & Tony’s Story

“This is an amazing program,” Tony says. “These people love Molly and she loves them. When I drop her off at the door in the morning, she runs in.”

Rehana’s Story

For some people, adjustment to parenthood can be a tough transition. Having adequate access to supports and programs is vital for both the parents and babies to live happy, healthy lives.

Stewart’s Story

He was in crisis. “I had to make the choice,” he recalls. “Should I follow the urge to just walk away from everyone and everything?”

Dean, Tony & Mimmo’s Story

Mimmo says, “We’re always busy.  I like keeping busy.”  His colleague Dean reports, “My family is very proud that I work here.”  Tony, yet another member of the Community Living Hamilton team, reports, “I love working here.  There’s people to talk to.”

Rama’s Story

Rama and her husband, Fares, didn’t just receive language training and newcomer supports—they also gained a community.

Angie’s Story

Angie’s got her spark back, thanks to the Seniors’ Party Bus, a United Way–supported program that offers free excursions.

Dawn’s Story

After leaving an abusive relationship, Dawn wondered if she’d ever feel safe. But a family resource centre helped her rebuild—and now it’s how she gives back.

Grace’s Story

Grace loves her weekly meals with a group of other women, where they chat about health and well-being. It’s not just about advice—it’s about connection.

Jerilyn’s Story

Jerilyn and many of her colleagues know what adversity feels like firsthand—and that’s what keeps them working to help others.

Shayan’s Story

A strong network is key to building a career in Canada, as Shayan discovered during his job hunt. Luckily, United Way donors like you were there to help.

Pauline’s Story

By supporting United Way agencies, you help parents like Pauline get the help their kids need.

Verdann’s Story

Verdann’s tumultuous childhood—and the help she received from a United Way agency—put her on the path to helping others.

Alasdair’s Story

A good meal has real power. It can bring people together, conjure happy memories and even, as it did for Alasdair, empower people to change their lives.

Nicole’s Story

A financial literacy program made money less scary and helped Nicole turn her life around.

Empress and Mumijah’s Story

Twelve-year-old Empress and her ten-year-old brother Mumijah have a close-knit and loving family, but not many opportunities to try new activities and meet new people.

Gabby’s Story

United Way is responsible for Gabby’s first job. It wasn’t through a job-search program or a resume workshop.

Mark and Tami’s Story

Mark often needs a little help, but that doesn't stop him from helping others. In fact, it's a big part of what makes Mark special.

Evan’s Story

When Evan was 24 months old, he contracted meningitis, this changed everything. Thanks to United Way, Evan gets to be like "every other kid".

Jayson’s Story

After struggling with drugs and spending time in jail, Jayson found a United Way-supported program that helped give him the skills and opportunities to build a new life.

Emily’s Story

Emily and her sister have had to grow up fast. In their neighbourhood, many kids do. Thanks to United Way and donors like you, Emily has a place to go after school.

Abdi’s Story

Abdi loves volunteering and was able to connect with a mentor who has helped shape him into the person he is today.

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