What is Can You See Me?


The Can You See Me? campaign is a four week mental health awareness initiative offered by United Way Halton & Hamilton. The program is available to local companies to run in their workplace to address issues surrounding family mental health and the stigma surrounding mental health issues and disorders. The components of the campaign include:

  • Weekly emails to all employees from CEO, with content provided by UWHH
  • Anti-stigma posters for the workplace, adapted once a week
  • Access to an educational e-module to all employees
  • Workplace lunch-and-learns for interested employees
  • Supplementary written reference materials available


Help us break the stigma


Demonstrate your commitment to your employees and our community by taking a proactive stance against mental illness stigma

Gain exposure through media promotion of the campaign and partner profiles

Make a positive difference in workplace culture by bringing awareness to mental health concerns, understanding and supports at work and at home


Did you know? It is estimated that improving the management of mental health in the workplace could decrease losses to productivity by as much as 30% and result in annual savings of nearly $400,000 in an organization of 1000 employees. (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2010)


The Can You See Me program has four posters with information on a mental health issue.

Want to learn more about the Can You See Me program? Read the Information Sheet.

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