United Way’s VP, Marketing and Communications – Top 10 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021

Brenda Delodder, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at United Way Halton & Hamilton, recognized as Top 10 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021 by Industry Era

HALTON & HAMILTON, August 27, 2021- Brenda Delodder is the leader of the Marketing and Communications team at United Way Halton & Hamilton (UWHH). For her insight into community mobilization and her steadfast dedication to innovation and strategy, Brenda has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2021.

United Way Halton & Hamilton works to make impactful change in community, leading a network of social supports that helps the most vulnerable people and places rebuild and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In her role, Brenda uses her impressive ability to speak from the heart to fervently tell the stories of those who have lived experiences, allowing for a meaningful and impactful understanding of United Way.

Now more than ever, UWHH is working to lead community recovery, especially for those who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. This includes friends and neighbours experiencing barriers like poverty, homelessness and community isolation. To support this work, Brenda has used her ability to think critically and creatively to take UWHH into a new digital age where donors, stakeholders and those who rely on United Way supports, have a meaningful brand experience.

Not only is Brenda the leader of the UWHH Marketing and Communications team, but an effective collaborator between departments and external partners. She notes, “I admire leaders who lean on their team and ask for their knowledge and expertise to guide decisions and growth.” The result has been a clear confirmation of the effectiveness and necessity of United Way across Halton and Hamilton.

“Here is my advice: Life can change in an instant for yourself and for others. Be mindful, be kind to yourself and ask yourself, if you were to step back and look around, what actions would you take to bet on yourself to achieve your goals and the life you want?”

Brenda is known to drive goals and objectives in even the smallest of tasks. It is this laser focus that garnered several accolades such as Top 10 Charity in Canada for social impact as CEO with Food for Life – a regional food bank and food recovery agency distributing excess food to the equivalent of more than 3 million meals annually. She also earned the recognition of Business of the Year Award in the Not-for-Profit category in the city of Burlington, Ontario. Now, in her role with United Way Halton & Hamilton, she bridges her agency-specific expertise to build an exceptional brand experience for the community.

Brenda’s impact runs deep both regionally and nationally.

As CEO of the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation, she contributed to the co-design of many national policies and initiatives: Compassionate Care Leave Policy that ensures those caring for dependents can access paid subsidies; supported the launch of the Intimate Partner Violence Screening program in hospitals; advocated for reduced wait times for orthopaedic elective surgery in collaboration with the World Health Organization; pan-Canadian framework for the Osteoarthritis Model of Care; and most recently in her current role, for an equitable and affordable national child care policy.

Through her own personal hardships, Brenda has faced barriers and obstacles – including the loss of a child, caring for her brother as he rebuilt after a life-threatening auto crash caused by an intoxicated driver, leaving him paralyzed, to embarking into single parenthood.

“Today, I am relentless when it comes to leading through the lens of gratitude and intention. I continue to invest in myself so that I can be resilient in all aspects of my life. But I also know that the hardships and the barriers we face are the very elements of life that build our superpowers.”

As community looks to the future, United Way remains fierce about protecting the social safety net. It is clear that the pandemic will leave in its wake a surge in need for supports in mental health, employment, poverty, and housing. United Way will be there to answer that need, by supporting frontline agencies, advocating across a range of policy and funding initiatives, injecting innovation into everything it does, and building capacity and best practices in the local social service sector.

Brad Park, President & CEO, United Way Halton & Hamilton says, “Our United Way team works together with partners, agencies and donors in support of community. Brenda is just one example of the many incredible leaders and innovators on our high performing team. I’m very proud of our collective efforts as we work on our mission to improve lives.”

Brenda continues her leadership work as a role model to young professionals, making time to develop and empower future leaders. She embraces diversity and differences and remains committed to amplifying the voices of others.

Read more about Brenda’s work at United Way to support our Halton and Hamilton community in the full profile, featured at https://iera-womenleaders.com/Brenda-Delodder-Vice-President-Marketing-&-Communications-at-the-United-Way-of-Halton-&-Hamilton-Most-Inspiring-WomenLeaders-of-2021.php

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