Asher’s Story

Your generosity changes lives for those who have “no homes and no food”. That’s the lesson we learn from 3 year-old Asher who set up a lemonade stand to raise money for United Way Burlington & Greater Hamilton.


It was a bright sunny day in June, kids running down the tree-line Burlington streets, headed for the waterfront, their parents in tow. Music filled the air, putting extra pep to step, even if the day’s heat was a little on the heavy side.


3-year-old Asher, with his blond tussled hair and bright blue eyes covered in huge red shades, had just set up his lemonade stand right in front of his house. Within minutes, there was a line-up at his booth. Two women, joggers, paid $10 for two cups of lemonade. Asher was pleased with his early success.


Business was brisk. Looking up at his mother Lindsay behind him, he barked an order. “I’m almost out!”


Throwing back her hair with a chuckle, she looked at him and smiled, “Asher, sweetie, you take a drink every time you sell a glass. Remember the lemonade is for your customers!”


“Yes, mama, but this lemonade is for people with no homes and no food!” With a laugh, his mother disappeared into the kitchen to make some more lemonade. “He’s the boss!” she said, smiling at the next customers in line.


Watching Asher in action made Lindsay’s heart swell with pride. When she and Brian came together they’d made intentional generosity a cornerstone of their family, and she loved seeing him have so much fun, raising money for United Way.


After getting involved in her workplace campaign, she’d seen for herself how United Way supported programs made a difference for the marginalized in her community. She knew that they could entrust their charitable giving with United Way. “Between United Way and our church,” Brian said, “that accounts for most of our giving.”


As the flow of people slowed to a trickle and finally down to nothing, Asher sat there counting coins. $84.55. “That will help someone, right?” His mother nodded and smiled. “Yes, Asher,” she said. “Your eighty-four dollars and fifty-five cents will help someone without a home or without food. That’s why we’re giving the money to United Way, remember?”


Asher smiled. Not only did he sell out of lemonade, but he was able to help those in need. 

Help change lives today.

Kayla WilletAsher’s Story

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