Asher’s Lemonade Stand

“help people with no food and no homes”.


Some people think that in the grand scheme of things what you do or don’t do doesn’t really matter. Words to that effect are often tossed around in daily conversations about what’s necessary for change to take place, or what each one of us can do to create change in our communities. When confronted by the grim realities we face, it can be hard to make the choice to do good despite it all. But the resiliency to choose to make a difference is a characteristic ingrained within each one of us. The only thing we need to do is tap into that reservoir of good will and kindness we posses, and help the world by reaching out to those that need it.

At United Way, the belief that each person has inherent value and the power to make a change is what allows our supported programs and agencies to work as well as they do. Any support  helps, and when someone as young as 4-year-old Asher, who has held an annual lemonade stand to support United Way Halton & Hamilton in its fundraising efforts, can see this and take initiative, it provides inspiration to all of us. For children, things like this are simple and need no mulling over. When help is needed, they pour their hearts into it and do their part.

Why? Well, in the words of Asher himself, the reason for his lemonade stand, is to simply “help people with no food and no homes”.

So this year, once again Asher set up his lemonade stand, rolled up his sleeves and got to work. With fresh lemonade, laughs and smiles to spare, the cause was a hit once more! Asher earned $65.00, and on August 3rd, 2017, brought in his full mason jar of earnings to present to United Way.

A testimony to what fruit a positive approach and willingness to create change can bear, Asher’s efforts inspire all of us to look inside ourselves and see what we can do to create a positive difference in this world.


So, no matter what we may have heard or been told, whether in the grand scheme of things, or more locally concentrated cases, every person can make a difference. What we do or don’t do does matter.


To hear more about Asher’s story and what his parents have to say, watch the video below or read last year’s story on Asher and his fundraising efforts. Asher’s Story.

Asher smiling ear to ear while presenting this year's fundraising results ($65.00)

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