A Season of Celebration!

As we make our way into a season of celebration for many of us, it’s a time to reflect on the year that’s passed and the year that is to come.

Last year at this time I wrote that it had been a year like no other. There was hope then that this year would be different.

But 2021 brought some hope with community re-opening, it has also brought more upheaval and hardship. Life has been far from normal and the shadow of the pandemic has remained over all aspects of our lives. Collectively, we are tired and weary of the constant vigilance and worry that COVID-19 still requires.

New waves of virus cases have continued to batter our health-care system, our social safety net and our economy. As this health emergency drags on, it continues to test us as individuals and as a community.

It’s clear to all of us that the pandemic disproportionately burdens those already facing challenges. It has pushed those living in poverty or struggling with mental health issues and isolation further into crisis.

It is impacting children’s confidence and well-being, as well as a sense of optimism and belonging among youth.

But there are many reasons to remain optimistic.

Please consider a donation to your United Way this holiday season to support the delivery of critical lifelines to those who are struggling with unemployment, reduced income, mental health and isolation.

Investing in the work of United Way maximizes the impact of your contribution because we build capacity within a local network of agencies that have the greatest impact, the broadest reach and that are answering the deepest needs.

I am constantly awestruck by the resilience, resolve and fortitude of those working and volunteering in frontline agencies, raising and donating funds to support that work, and those who are accessing the help they need.

We are a kind, empathetic and giving community and that has been demonstrated time and time again. United in #locallove is what is going to get us through this crisis and what will strengthen us in recovery.

From our family at United Way to you and yours, thank you for the care you show others and for being part of a shared commitment to ensure that no one in our community is left alone or left behind.

We wish everyone much love, health and happiness this holiday season and many wonderful memories in 2022.

With gratitude,

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